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- Solo concerts

Usual & thematic concerts

- History of the Guitar (with slides & comments)

- Variazioni attraverso i secoli

- Le Romantique (music by C.J.Mertz &other contemporaries)

- The Two faces of the Romantic Guitar (Viennese School - Mertz, Knize, Regondi...- & late Spanish School -Tarrega, Ferrer-)

- Invitation au voyage... (a trip around the world on the guitar)

- Jazz & classical guitar - to be released -

- Musical homages - to be released -

- Chamber music ensembles

ONLY in french

Ensembles de guitares:
Duo Holvoet-Lauwers
Trio Evasion
Quatuor de Guitares de Waterloo
Ensemble des 100 Guitares

Guitare & autre(s) instrument(s):
Duo Guitare & Violoncelle
(avec Nicolas DELETAILLE)

Ensemble Noturno

Musique ancienne
- en préparation -


- Compositions

- I have also composed several pieces (principally for pedagogical purposes) and I want to make them available for anyone. Click to get to this page.

- Other activities

- Belgian guitar review Guitares...

- CD label Contréclisse

- History of the Guitar and Lutes - to be released -


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